The backbone of Argyle over the last 20 years has been our ability to realise and create value in property, through development and restructuring of assets. Our portfolio tab provides details about the many successful projects that we have completed.

Argyle is willing to work with tenants, investors and joint venture partners alike to utilise our expertise to bring value to land and buildings that benefit all stakeholders.





Occupiers are the heart and soul of any property. As such we aim to build relationships with tenants to assist in providing purpose built and economic space. If you are a tenant with a premise requirement, please contact us so that we can discuss your needs and any opportunity for us to work with you.


Argyles guiding philosophy is to produce quality assets that are commercially attractive, and will provide ourselves and our investors with high quality investments. These robust, long term investments, are based on a foundation of strong leases and quality construction in sound locations. Should you wish to speak about investment opportunities in existing or proposed projects, please contact one of our team, or make enquiries through one of the major property agencies associated with the project.

Joint Venture

Through relationships with both investors and tenants, opportunities can present themselves for Argyle to apply our specialist property skills and knowledge in joint venture projects. We have successfully completed a number of JVs and are always keen to investigating such opportunities.

We believe the success of a JV relies on both parties having contrasting areas of expertise, but complimentary goals and ambitions for a project. The two most common examples of this are:

– Owners with a site ripe for development who want to retain ownership.

– Tenants who require a purpose built facility.